Top 10 Baby Gifts


Few things in life are as joyous as the occasions that mark the beginning of a child's life. From his or her birth to the christening or baptism to the first Christmas to the first birthday, these special occasions mean special celebrations to honour the precious little one, and while those occasions bring joy, fun and time with family and friends, they also require the purchase of gifts.


Babies are perhaps the hardest people to shop for, as they are still too little to use or appreciate most presents on their own. If you've found yourself stumped with what to get a special little one in your life, keep reading to discover the top 10 gifts for babies and to get some gift-giving inspiration.


10. Height/Growth charts.

A wonderful gift for the first birthday is a growth chart, which Mum and Dad can hang on the wall in the nursery, in a hallway or in some other location in the house. By about age one, babies are beginning to stand independently and are ready to make that first mark on the height chart. Then, parents can make marking the chart an annual birthday ritual, and each time they marvel at how much their child has grown, they'll remember you and your thoughtful gift that keeps on giving each year.


9. Clocks.

Many people purchase clocks for babies, as they are stylish, practical and symbolic at once. A colourful, personalised clock can add to the beauty of a nursery and continue to hang on the wall of a playroom or child's bedroom for years to come. For mums and dads, clocks make it easy to track the time during sleepless nights or when getting Baby ready for an excursion, and as children grow, they can learn to tell time using their own wall clock. Plus, clocks represent the passage of time, making them a sentimental gift for an occasion like a christening, baptism or first birthday.


8. Pewter cups.

In Medieval times, pewter cups were often drunk from at banquets and receptions meant to celebrate momentous occasions, such as births and weddings. Today, a fine quality pewter cup remains a fitting present to welcome a child into the world or mark the occasion of a baptism or christening. Many pewter cup designs have room for personalisation, allowing you to add a sentimental inscription that Baby can read when he or she grows older.


7. Babygrows and bibs.

Along with love and joy, babies bring heaps of extra laundry, particularly during the first few months of their lives. Many new parents underestimate how often they'll need to change their baby and as a result, find themselves frequently washing clothes to keep their little one stocked in babygrows, bibs, vests and other essentials. You can simply never go wrong with purchasing infant apparel basics in pink, blue or yellow, and you can even have these items personalised for an extra special touch.


6. Tooth and curl sets.

As children grow, they love looking back at photographs and mementos from when they were babies. Tooth and curl sets are a fun way to store away a clipping from Baby's first haircut and his or her first lost tooth, so that it can be treasured forever. Parents rarely think of registering for these sets, and they are sentimental keepsakes that many people often overlook, making them an excellent, unique gift idea for any occasion.


5.  Moneyboxes / Piggy Banks.

Babies are expensive, and the costs associated with having children only climbs as they get bigger. By teaching children financial responsibility at a young age, they can grow up more appreciative of what they have and be better savers as adults. piggy banks and moneyboxes are an excellent way to start a savings for Baby one coin at a time. Plus, an engraved piggy bank or moneybox makes a cute addition to nursery decor and serves as a precious keepsake for years to come.


4. Baby jewellery.

Nothing is quite as sweet as a tiny bracelet on the wrist of a little boy or girl. When children grow, they look back on baby jewellery and wonder "How did I ever fit in that?" and their mums and dads wonder it, too. A personalised baby bracelet is sure to become an instant treasure. Just be sure that when you shop for baby jewellery, you look for styles with sturdy, secure clasps to keep Baby safe.


3. Breakfast sets.

If you prefer a practical gift that parents can use on a regular basis, purchasing a breakfast set for an older baby is a wonderful gesture. These sets typically contain a bowl, a mug and a plate, each decorated with a charming design that is kid-friendly and fun. Until Baby is big enough to use the set, the pieces look lovely in a china cabinet or on a shelf, and once he or she is ready to eat, the set can be used every day at mealtime.


2. Teddy bears.

Nearly everyone can look back on their childhood and recall a special teddy or stuffed animal. Plush toys are often a child's first friends and attachment to these cuddly creatures typically begins during infancy. Purchasing a fine quality, durable teddy or other stuffed animal can help introduce a baby to a special mate that he or she will remember for the rest of their lives.


1. Baby gift baskets.

To really make an impression with your gift for Baby, opt for a baby gift basket that contains a variety of popular gift items. A beautifully packaged gift basket is exciting for mums and dads to look through, and when you choose one with a mix of essentials like apparel and play items like stuffed toys, your gift will be both practical and fun.


No matter what type of gift you're purchasing for a baby, you can make it even more special by adding personalisation. Whether Baby has a common or an unusual name, personalisation makes even the best gifts for babies a little bit better by making them specifically for that special child.